Thursday, April 22, 2010


ENTIERRO Records produced this UEBURRO album in 2006.  "Trunk" was a very successful project from the band and the production included the famous hits singles: "Barbarism", "Would You Like Me to Blow your Horn?", "I Like The Way You Play The Trumpet" (with Joe Cuba), "Uncut and Untamed", "ANALize This", "Stick it Up Yo Mama", "Half Hour Material Entering Inside" and "Why Don't You Turn & Gimme a Little Tongue?" among others.  UEBURRO was able to impress their fans with horn solos that rival heavyweights like Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie. - PINCHOSIS

Thursday, April 15, 2010

UBANGUI - Smeck Chuick Music Video

ENTIERRO Records produced this funny music video, featuring UBANGUI's hit single "Smeck Chuick" which was originally introduced in the late 70's.

Friday, April 9, 2010

UBANGUI - Plin Clan Pruc Olero lero lero

On "Plin Clan Pruc Olero lero lero", all hands are on deck for UBANGUI.  Though the album's production shows a few signs of suspicious mass consumption, the strength of the songs and the depth of UBANGUI's arrangements make this album again their most convincing work this year.  Previously released by ENTIERRO in the early 80's, the genius of Hernie Pinch is evident once more in the lyrics and in the arrangements.  Pinch recreated this classic cluster with no regrets and no frills; overall, however, "Plin Clan Pruc Olero lero lero" comes across as a personal testament to old memoires, deeply felt but influenced by the inevitable change that comes with time. - PINCHOSIS

A Tribute to Zoncis M. Dib

ENTIERRO Records has released this month a limited edition of UBANGUI hits compilation as a tribute to one of the most versatile producers and piano performers of all times: Zoncis M. Dib.  This special album features many of the original UBANGUI's recognized performances, including those "good olde" hits singles such as: "Rat's Orgy", "Theme for Dominique Sanda", "Hot Yellowish Phaeces", "Pánfilo", "Espiningüil" and "Guaturn". The album has been digitally remastered so is rich and sinfully technical, unifying the band’s mandatory early works with the experimentation that started after the celebrated "Pincho's Uniphonic Synthesizer". - PINCHOSIS

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The First 2010 UEBURRO Album - See Alice

ENTIERRO Records is proudly introducing in April the latest UEBURRO production: "See Alice", inspired by some of the finest Alice Cooper's ideas in dark rock.  This first 2010 UEBURRO album will actually be announced during Alice Cooper's weekly radio show on "Planet Rock" next week.  The production includes the band's newest song: "Like a Rock" and an outstanding version of Jethro Tull's "Thick as a Brick", which Ian Anderson is admitting being even better than the original. Other songs in the album include: "Resurrection", "36 Hours of Luv", "E.R. After 4", "Red Ears", "Three Shots in One", "Eighteen Bucks a Pop", "Keep Your Head Up Straight" and "Ready When U.R.". - PINCHOSIS

Monday, April 5, 2010

UEBURRO - Syalis

Thirty-seven years ago, a "green", unnamed band of kids performed their very first concert at a friend’s house as amateurs. That date was 1973 and the band was eventually called UEBURRO. Fast forward more than three decades and several albums later, and UEBURRO have gone from high school darlings to conventional rock stuff to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame material.  In 2009, many music magazines named UEBURRO’s newest album "Syalis" the best album of the year, and for the past three decades UEBURRO have continued to be among the most popular and acclaimed acts in rock, influencing many known artists, dead and alive.

ENTIERRO Records has been proudly producing all of the music from those same old kids since that first performance, and PINCHOSIS has been creating all of the original album covers.  The band keeps making hits singles constantly, which are included in their many successful albums such as "MANUE L.A.", "Bald's Burial", "Poisonous Bass" and the latest "Lighthouse".

THALAS - Ñemas

ENTIERRO Records only produced a handfull of THALAS albums.  Their famous "Ñemas" production was recognized as one of the most colorful collection of original music compositions since the 70's.  THALAS had a unique latino style, mixed with surreal music and surprising sound effects.

"Congas" was another of THALAS albums with many interesting latin flavors and sounds.  Their limited production also includes the "Trancas" and "Medias" albums.

NECK - Codfish to Start Running

NECK was a band with various unknown performers but the music was well conceived with a lot of potential for commercial purposes.

ENTIERRO produced various of their albums, including: "What You See Is What you get" (Inspired by MAD Magazine), "Who Gets Ugly Gets More", "Scary" and their latest one: "Codfish to Start Running".


PAPUS MAXIMUS is still performing live and producing great hits singles.  ENTIERRO Records proudly produced all of this band's albums since the early 70's.  This latest album, "Hangover", is a true masterpiece.

PAPUS MAXIMUS has been recognized by the RIAA as the most promising band of the 21st. Century.  Their many great hit albums include: "Cartel of the Toads", "QK", "Camel Toes", "Tired", "Pop Da Hood" and many more.

CHYKY - Hershey Highway

CHYKY started as a "backstage" band but after a few free concerts they quickly gained the public's recognition.  The band played for many years experimenting with very interesting musical tones.  The performers included various talented artists and the music was very powerful and strong.  This featured album, "Hershey Highway", was inspired by the musical works from Frank Zappa.

ENTIERRO Records has been producing all of the music for this unique band, including the hit albums: "Sea of Smiling Faces", "Go Wash that Coat, Featherish", "Center of the Universe", "Automatic Turd Remover" and the Latin Music Award Winning Album: "Feels Funny".

MAMERTO - Swamp Creature

MAMERTO has been a band with many special guest performers throughout the years.  One extraordinary album was "Swamp Creature", featuring Wiki Wiki and many other unique artists.

ENTIERRO Records proudly produced all of the MAMERTO albums since the 90's, including the award-winning "Spratch" (also featuring Wiki Wiki), "Papi Loma" (with special guest Hernie Pinch), "Slippery", "Pink and Smooth", "Löwernsuck", "Mamma Mela" and "Grizzly".

MEMEX - Hotter than Chinese Iron

The band "MEMEX" (MEMory EXamination) had many popular hit songs in the 70's and 80's.  One of their latest albums, "Hotter than Chinese Iron", combines a few elements of classic performances with newer electronic sounds.

MEMEX recorded many great albums such as "The Puppy Portrait", "Dedicated to Phil" (Homage to Phil Spector), "Blue Tooth", "Well Displaced" (Live performance with UBANGUI), "No Fingers to Tell" and "Little Mice in the Attic", all produced by ENTIERRO Records.

VIRRIE - Ménage à Trucks

VIRRIE is one of the most successful bands for the ENTIERRO Records Label.  One of their latest albums, "Ménage à Trucks", was recently released after an unforgettable live performance in the U.S.  VIRRIE has an extensive collection of unique albums and their performers include many extraordinary music artists such as Hernie Pinch, George Patterson and Chopin Lope.

ENTIERRO Records produced all of their albums, including classics like: "Le Chasseur", "Virtual Powder", "Barren Efforts", "Cerebral", "Chinese Tales", "Frigid", "Roach in Hen's Ball", "Gone Fishin'", "Screw Much Screw Rich", "Sword", "Permanent Baldness" and "Last Shells".

UBANGUI - Rat's Orgy

UBANGUI was one of the first bands that recorded with ENTIERRO Records.  The famous hit single from this album, "Rat's Orgy", was acclaimed by international critics as one of the best piano solo of the 70s, featuring Zoncis M. Dib on keyboards.

ENTIERRO Records produced all of the UBANGUI album masterpieces, including: "Well Displaced" (Live performance with MEMEX), "Hot Yellowish Phaeces", "Highway 3:00 am", "Big Daddy", "Polydactyly" and many more.

PHTHIRUS PUBIS - Itch n'Scratch

The first ENTIERRO Records album of Phthirus Pubis, Digitally Remastered in 2008.  The band has not produced another album in years.